About Us

YUKSEL family, who entered to the sector with the production of brass hinge in 1972, generated the current production concept of hinge made by profile in Turkey first time. included in addition to the manufacturing of door hinge and furnishing accessory in 2011. Our company, with the YUKSEL trademark, takes the road to provide high class and constant service of its officially registered products to its customer mass.

Our company takes determining the realities and the needs of sector, especially working and following in the meaning of the product and service at highest rank, and serving to the sector in all its parts and customer satisfaction as its duty.

Our company which has powerful production capacity presents to its customers safe and high quality goods by combining door handle, door hinge and accessories towards both domestic and overseas market with YUKSEL trademark.

Our company which tries to improve the production quality by following technological advancements becomes supportive to national economy by providing employment opportunity with the help of its investments and also tries to become between leader companies in the sector by amplifying our brand value which identifies with the quality globally.